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From Jason Sachs <>
Subject Re: bug in mixed-version detection + single-file externals
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 16:02:43 GMT
> The problem with reintegrate merges you are describing sounds
> quite serious and should be added to the issue tracker.

I had recently submitted it (but didn't know about posting to this list first).

> Can you share more information to allow others to reproduce this problem?
> What do your file externals definitions look like? Are you pinning externals
> to known revisions or are they coming from URLS in the HEAD revision?

They are pinned to known revisions, they look like "-r 12345
^/path/to/my/branch/somefile somefile"
(I never use the HEAD revision)

> If you could write a script that starts with an empty repository, gets a
> working copy, and runs svn commands until the problem triggers, that would
> help greatly (and avoids any ambiguity in the problem description!).

See attached python script (tested only on WinXP + Python 2.6.5)

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