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From Gunnar Dalsnes <>
Subject svn 1.7 slow with many dirs
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2011 20:34:41 GMT

My WC have 1881dirs and 12693 files, and I am experiencing extreme 
slowness in some situations:
'svn propget svn:dummyprop -R' in WC root take 70seconds! In svn 1.6 it 
take 2 seconds.
In WC's with around 200dirs, it's only take a few seconds in svn 1.7 too.

Discovered the problem while testing TortoiseSVN, where 
svn_wc_revision_status2 took 70seconds on WC root.

Seems svn_wc__node_walk_children/walker_helper is slow. Does not seem to 
scale linear.

Strangely, 'svn stat -v > nul' in WC root only take 2 seconds, and it is 
also recursive and traverse all nodes in WC, so there seem to be several 
implementations of walking nodes in wc.db, where one is fast.

Gunnar Dalsnes

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