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From Gunnar Dalsnes <>
Subject TortoiseSVN 1.7 test drive
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 20:00:54 GMT

I'm was taking TortoiseSVN- for a 
test drive today, and here is my experience.

Converting my WC failed:
Insufficient NODES rows for 'e:\svn\my app 
name\.svn\tmp\wcng\src\Tools\SomeProject\SomeFile.cs'. Try a 'Cleanup'. 
Cleanup did not help (as always).

No worries, did a clean checkout. Surprisingly, everything seems to work 
very well:-)

But I'm wondering, are there any plans in 1.7 for supporting sharing 
pristines between several WC's?
I wish I could (in config file) specify a shared location for pristines.
Ref-counts + deleting unrefed pristines would have to be ignored in this 
case I guess,
since ref-counts can't easily be tracked back to the WC's from the 
shared pristine, since WC's can be moved or simply deleted.
But I would not mind. Hard drive is cheap but network traffic is not, 
and I would easily trade:-)

If no one is looking into this, I'm considering adding such feature as I 

BTW: For fun, I tried deleting all files in the pristine. Diff of a 
changed file did "work", but showed an empty before-file (strangely, I 
had expected a file not found error). Then I tried a revert of a changed 
file. This failed with file not found in pristine (as expected). The 
problem is, the file disappeared (maybe not a bug) but worse, the WC was 
no longer recognized as a WC, not even after restoring the pristine. 
Possibly, the wc.db became corrupt or locked, I don't know, at least it 
worked again when I restored a backup of wc.db. Scary bug me thinks. The 
WC should not become corrupt just because some file in pristine is 
missing. Ideally, it should ask to download the missing file, but I 
guess that's asking too much:-)

PS: These errors may be specific to TortoiseSVN, thou I have a feeling 
they are not.

Gunnar Dalsnes

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