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From Roch Auburtin <>
Subject Translation of errors
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2011 12:43:25 GMT

I try to get all error messages translated in French.
I use svn version 1.6.4 on Ubuntu server and access the repositories 
through Apache + mod_dav_svn

I have compiled svn from source and compiled the french .mo file, then I 
placed the .mo file in the correct place.
I also set the language as follow:

     export LC_ALL='fr_FR.UTF-8'

To get error messages, I committed a working folder which was not 
up-to-date and I obtained:

svn ci -m 'test delete'
Suppression dir1
svn: Échec de la propagation (commit), détails :
svn: Item '/dir1' is out of date

As you can see, only a part of the errors are translated.
The message "Item '/dir1' is out of date" is not translated.

I guessed that I had this problem because this error is raised by the 
code running on the server.

So I tried to set the language in the envvars file of apache such as:

export LANG='fr_FR.UTF-8'
export LC_ALL='fr_FR.UTF-8'

I restarted apache but I got the same pb.
I googled to find a solution to this problem and it seems that the 
problem is related to the mod_dav_svn code that don't use the defined 

Could you confirm that I am right and do you know a solution to this 

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