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From "Varnau, Steve (Neoview)" <>
Subject Merge Conflict on Windows with eol-style & mergeinfo properties
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 23:56:03 GMT

I could not find this issue in the issue tracker.  We're trying to keep the svn:mergeinfo
properties on top-level directories, but I found  a few text files in our repository that
have the property.  When a merge is done that should be just a branch synch-up merge, the
files are marked as conflicted, and the entire file is one big conflict, as if it is an EOL
character problem.

All of the files that are marked as conflicted have in common two properties. They have an
svn:mergeinfo, and they have svn:eol-style = native.  Both branches have the same svn:eol-style
value. The text file that did not have an svn:eol-style property merged just fine.

When the files are edited (Tortoise "Edit conflicts") it shows no conflicts -- merge with
no problem. Looking at the files, there are no EOL character differences. Both sides (left
& right files, and both sides of the working conflict file) have CRLF.

The files also merge fine on Linux.
The files also merge fine if given the option to ignore end-of-line.
The problem occurs whether the merge is done via Tortoise or command-line on Windows.
Svn version 1.6.15.

Somehow it seems to be giving up merging these files only when there is a svn:mergeinfo property.

I will try to just remove the mergeinfo property on all the files, but wondered if this is
a general bug.


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