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> > I have a source library that I need to periodically import (and then patch)
> > for use by my code base.
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> > The SVN Book seems to reccomend a "vendor branch" scheme where you keep a
> > patched branch of the "vendor drops". This would work, except that I loose
> > any history of the library development.  (The vendor also uses SVN and gives
> > read-only access to their repo.)

The above steps can also semi-automated using svn_load_dirs:


That is what the SVN books recommended, but then I can not access the original commit history of the 3rd-party library.

(The other option is to use svn:external and patch manually.)

This is exactly the crux of my question:  

Can I make a local (patched) branch of an svn:external?  That way I could pull updates as needed, but still retain access to the full commit history.

Thank you