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From Jan Keirse <>
Subject Betr.: Re: "svnadmin load" a huge file
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2011 08:36:39 GMT
> On 1/7/2011 7:57 AM, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> > It would be fine if the project in question did not contain almost all
> > the files in one directory. You may call the layout silly, but CVS 
> > not seem to mind. OTOH, I would have distributed the files over
> > several subdirectories, but CVS does not handle moving files well.
> >
> > I wonder if cvs2svn is to blame that it produces a dump svnadmin
> > cannot load. Or I am always risking that "svnadmin dump" may one day
> > produce a dump a subsequent "svnadmin load" will be unable to swallow?
> >
> > I mean, if by hook or by crook, by using third party utilities like
> > svndumptool, I will eventually be able to convert this project from
> > CVS to SVN. Is there a chance that a subsequent dump will be again
> > unloadable?

Have you tried the following:
- Copy your CVS repository (say /myreypository to /myrepositoryconv)
- In the copy move the ,v files into several subdirectories (using the 
operating system, not using CVS commands.) 
- Convert the directories one at a time and load them into svn. 
- Once loaded into svn you can move everything back into one folder (using 
svn commands) if desired. 

Manually moving around ,v files in a cvs repository is generally not 
adviced primarily because it will annoy users with checked out working 
copies (and it's unversioned), but those working copies won't be of any 
use anyway once the server has been migrated to subversion so that 
shouldn't be a problem, so I don't think it could cause problems, but keep 
the original repository around just in case...

Kind Regards,

Software quality & Systems: Software Engineer

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