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From Andy Levy <>
Subject Re: What SVN command-line client distro should I get to work properly with SVN 1.4.x on the server?
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 19:32:13 GMT
On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 14:07, KARR, DAVID (ATTSI) <> wrote:
> I work on Windows with Cygwin.  In Eclipse, I can do SVN checkouts and
> updates with the SVN on our server, which is running SVN 1.4.x.  I'm
> doing this with the latest Subversive and connector.  I've been told
> that after SVN 1.4.x, the "storage format" changed, so doing checkouts
> and updates with a SVN client newer than 1.4.x would screw up the .svn
> directories.

Over the network RA layers (http, svn, svn+ssh), client & server
versions can differ as long as they're both 1.x. A 1.0 client can talk
to a 1.6 server, and vice versa.

The *client-side* storage format has been changed in most 1.x
releases, and it's a silent update, so if you're using multiple
clients, all must be the same minor revision - you can't mix a 1.4 &
1.5 client on the same system, unless they operate on separate WCs.

I suspect you're running into problems for at least one of the
following reasons, if not both:

1) Your Eclipse plugin & command-line client are not the same minor
version of Subversion.
2) The differences introduced by Cygwin to trick the SVN client into
thinking it's in a *NIX environment are conflicting with the real
Windows client that you have in Eclipse.

> In fact, I think I've seen this happen.  I tried doing an update with my
> SVN command-line client (I appear to have SVN 1.5.7, from CollabNet), in
> a project that I work on in Eclipse, and when I refreshed my Eclipse, it
> got so confused I eventually had to create a new workspace.  Working in
> the old workspace gave me constant error dialogs from Subversive.  I
> suppose it's possible this wasn't a storage format issue, but simply an
> issue with updating the SVN state outside of Subversive.  I don't know.
> I don't attempt checkouts or updates from the command line anymore.
> Doing "svn diff" or other information queries works fine.

Try dropping the Cygwin environment for a while and exclusively use
Eclipse and the *native* Win32 client in the Windows Command Prompt.
Your Subversive plugin must be based on the same Subversion version as
your Win32 client.

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