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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Re: Commit fails with path not found
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 20:58:29 GMT
The directories that might be causing all the trouble are the "target"
directories marked with the "~" mark. Subversion has these directories as
versioned items, but they were replaced.

I know Maven deletes those directories on a "clean", so I suspect that you
did a checkout, created these directories, and did a rebuild. That would
have created new "target" directories that prevent Subversion from putting
its versioned "target" directories.

The directories that start with a "?" should be causing Subversion commit

Try this from the command line:

1). Delete the 3 "target" directories. Under Maven, there shouldn't be
anything in there that you need. However, you might want to verify that
first anyway. You should be able to remove them with a "mvn clean".

2). Do a "svn update". This should recreate the target directories, but
these will now be Subversion's version of these directories.

3). Run "svn status" one more time. Make sure that you don't have any
listings with "!", "~", or "C" in the first column. The "?" are fine and
shouldn't block a commit (although you probably want to add them to the
repository, but let's take care of one problem at a time).

4). Now try the commit once more. You can do that from the command line with
a "svn commit". The build might not work right this second, but we can fix
that in a couple of minutes. Let's make sure you can commit your stuff.

5). If you can do a commit, your next step is to remove the "target"
directories using the "svn delete" command. These should not be stored in

6). You might want to add in the directories with the "?" before we do
another commit. you can use the "svn add" command. The "svn add" will
recurse automatically through the directories and add in any sub directories
and files.

7). Now commit once more. Your workspace should be clean. There are no more
"target" directories in your repository. Although, you might still have them
on your disk. Again, "mvn clean" should get rid of them.

8). Now refresh your Eclipse workspace and everything should be fine.

David Weintraub

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