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From Mark Phippard <>
Subject Re: What SVN command-line client distro should I get to work properly with SVN 1.4.x on the server?
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 22:58:00 GMT
>> On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 14:07, KARR, DAVID (ATTSI) <>
>> wrote:
>> > I work on Windows with Cygwin.  In Eclipse, I can do SVN checkouts
>> and
>> > updates with the SVN on our server, which is running SVN 1.4.x.  I'm
>> > doing this with the latest Subversive and connector.  I've been told
>> > that after SVN 1.4.x, the "storage format" changed, so doing
>> checkouts
>> > and updates with a SVN client newer than 1.4.x would screw up the
>> .svn
>> > directories.
>> Over the network RA layers (http, svn, svn+ssh), client & server
>> versions can differ as long as they're both 1.x. A 1.0 client can talk
>> to a 1.6 server, and vice versa.
>> The *client-side* storage format has been changed in most 1.x
>> releases, and it's a silent update, so if you're using multiple
>> clients, all must be the same minor revision - you can't mix a 1.4 &
>> 1.5 client on the same system, unless they operate on separate WCs.
>> I suspect you're running into problems for at least one of the
>> following reasons, if not both:
>> 1) Your Eclipse plugin & command-line client are not the same minor
>> version of Subversion.
>> 2) The differences introduced by Cygwin to trick the SVN client into
>> thinking it's in a *NIX environment are conflicting with the real
>> Windows client that you have in Eclipse.
>> > In fact, I think I've seen this happen.  I tried doing an update with
>> my
>> > SVN command-line client (I appear to have SVN 1.5.7, from CollabNet),
>> in
>> > a project that I work on in Eclipse, and when I refreshed my Eclipse,
>> it
>> > got so confused I eventually had to create a new workspace.  Working
>> in
>> > the old workspace gave me constant error dialogs from Subversive.  I
>> > suppose it's possible this wasn't a storage format issue, but simply
>> an
>> > issue with updating the SVN state outside of Subversive.  I don't
>> know.
>> > I don't attempt checkouts or updates from the command line anymore.
>> > Doing "svn diff" or other information queries works fine.
>> Try dropping the Cygwin environment for a while and exclusively use
>> Eclipse and the *native* Win32 client in the Windows Command Prompt.
>> Your Subversive plugin must be based on the same Subversion version as
>> your Win32 client.
> I included the fact that I'm using Cygwin just for completeness.  The SVN client I'm
using is not part of Cygwin, it's from CollabNet.  The SVN version that claims to represent
is 1.5.7, which is the SVN version that my Subversive connector claims to represent.  That
tells me that I shouldn't be having a problem.  I guess I'll have to try again and see what
happens.  Perhaps it's not a problem with SVN version mismatches.  I'll have to test this
very carefully so I don't screw up my main workspace.  I guess I'll have to create another
one just for this test.

The problem is that Subversive includes a bastardized version of what
used to be called JavaSvn and that only reads/writes the SVN 1.4
working copy format.  Change Subversive so that it is using JavaHL or
the newer SVNKit and the problems will go away.  I would update the
command line client and the Subversive connector so that it is using
the latest SVN 1.6.x version available.

Subclipse does not have this problem as it only uses JavaHL, which is
part of Subversion, or SVNKit.


Mark Phippard

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