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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Re: project vs. repository
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:19:54 GMT
Are you using file:// URLs? You should either be using svnserve or
Apache httpd as your Subversion server. Fortunately, you can easily do
that without having to do anything with your repository. Even when I
have a personal Subversion repository and I'm the only user, I still
use svnserve.

But getting back to the issue at hand: Your basic issue is that your
repository root is the project itself, and not a directory holding the
various projects. There are several ways you can handle this:

* One is a dump and reload which puts your "cfg" project under another
directory. It's simple enough to do. If you do this, all of your "cfg"
project will appear as if you've always had it setup that way. (See

* Another thing you can do is simply create another root level
directory, and then copy  your cfg project under that directory. This
is easier since you don't have to shut down your repository or do a
dump and filter. However, users should be warned in advanced that this
is taking place since it changes the URL from where  they have checked
out their code. They'll need to take this in account when they commit
their changes. Also, it can cause issues with merging since the base
URL has changed.

* Lastly, you can simply create multiple repositories with one for
each project. This has advantages and disadvantages. However, if
you're using svnserve, you'll have to use a different port for each
project. If you use Apache httpd, there's no problem running multiple
repositories on the same server.

Have you seen the Subversion on line manual at It's one
of the best open source manuals I've seen and does a great job
explaining not just the fundamentals of Subversion, but many of the
ins and outs of Subversion administration.

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Alan Taylor <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Some time ago I created my repo with:
> svnadmin create /srv/svn/cfg
> This has been operating fine for over a year, but I now have
> a problem because I want to add another project.
> Unfortunately I think the original repo creation command
> should have been:
> svnadmin create /srv/svn
> My problem is that cfg should be a project within the repo
> and now I want to add another project, i.e.
> /srv/svn/cfg
> /srv/svn/pxe
> What is the best way to move things around ?
> Rgds/Alan

David Weintraub

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