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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Re: One-time keyword substitution
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2011 15:11:42 GMT
2011/1/10 Philipp Leusmann <>

> is there a way to have svn substitute a keyword only once and then leave it
> at the substituted value?

To get directly to your answer: No, Subversion doesn't do what you want.

There is a whole mess of debate on the value of RCS keywords in both
Subversion and other version control systems.

I come down firmly on the side the RCS keywords are evil and should never be
used. They basically change the source code you've tested and vetted on
commit which can only mean trouble. And all for what? Everything that RCS
keywords do is already in Subversion.

What is this database for? Is this to allow people to see differences
between files in Subversion revisions via a webpage? If so, why not use
either sventon or ViewVC ( or
which handle everything for you without the need for a database? If you
want, you can role your own system that parses the various Subversion
commands via PHP or Perl CGI or whatever technology you want on the fly.

What you're trying to do looks like something "svn log" or "svn blame" will
already do. If you really, really need to do this, then the best bet is to
use a post-commit hook that'll update a file or database with the
information you want.

David Weintraub

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