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From BasHopman <>
Subject Checking out externals of a newly created folder
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 08:35:19 GMT
Hi all,

I use the svn:externals property quite extensively.
Usually, I update the property and then perform an update before
The working copy is then updated and the new external is checked out.
This allows me to test my external before committing it.
So far, so good...

Now I'm trying to add a new folder, add the svn:externals property and
test it by updating before committing.
This is not working. The external is not checked out.
Steps taken:
1. working copy folder: c:\workspaces\project\
2. add folder: c:\workspaces\project\trunk\new_folder
3. add external to c:\workspaces\project\trunk\new_folder referring to
c:\workspaces\project\vendor\tags\bla and save it
4. update working copy to check out the external => fails!
5. commit changes to external

This difference in behavior seems inconsistent to me. Can anybody
confirm this behavior?



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