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From Andreas Wolff <>
Subject Re: directory problem on 'svn ci'
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 23:10:13 GMT
Well, if you wish:

What i did is quite simple. I upgraded my subversion installation and 
committing stopped working as it used to do.

I _know_, by sheer evidence of the svn-commit.tmp file being 
"physically" there, that it is created one directory level above where 
it was used to be created!
And it is also evident that "svn ci" uses the temp-file from the CWD. 
Because when I put such a file there, while the editor is opened, its 
contents are used as comments to be checked into the repository!


Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> You haven't actually stated what IS happening, just what you THINK is
> happening.  (Most of your assumptions regarding what should/shouldn't be
> in cwd are wrong.)
> The short answer is, svn runs 'gvim /path/to/file' and then reads
> /path/to/file.  The cwd isn't involved.
> Feel free to follow up with more details.
> Daniel
> Andreas Wolff wrote on Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 19:32:07 +0100:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Today I encountered an unusual behaviour with my newly updated
>> Subversion version (Win32, version 1.6.15):
>> Just as always, a simple commit, using 'svn ci', still fires up my
>> configured editor to edit a corresponding svn-commit.tmp file.
>> The problem is, that this file gets created within the wrong directory:
>> not within the current working directory, but one level above!
>> The effect is, that after finishing and saving a log message the
>> 'commit' won't find a 'svn-commit.tmp' in CWD.
>> This happens with gvim.exe, notepad.exe and even with the vintage
>> 'edit'. Investigation with process-explorer indicates that the editor's
>> process gets started into the wrong CWD.
>> Can someone please confirm this is a bug?
>> Or maybe point to a related configuration setting? As working with -m is
>> tedious and annoying.
>> Greetings,
>> Andreas

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