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From Jonathan Oulds <>
Subject Modifying commit messages
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:46:00 GMT

Currently we track bug fixes by including a reference number within the 
commit message, I'm sure this is common practice.

However we would also like to keep track of the revision where bugs were 
introduced.  As a use case, consider a project with many branches and 
tags, now imagine that a bug is discovered to have been introduced at an 
early stage of the project e.g. revision 100.  All branches taken after 
revision 100 will potentially have the bug all branches taken prior to 
revision 100 will not.  The problem here is that as the number of bugs 
and branches increase the job of answering the question "does bug x 
appear in branch y?" becomes ever more difficult.

As a possible solution we are considering modifying commit messages to 
indicate the bugs introduced in each revision.  It should then be 
possible to answer the above question with a simple svn log + grep.

I would be interested to hear any feedback the community has on this.
Jonathan Oulds

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