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From "Ignacio G. T." <>
Subject Re: Re: Viewing Subversion in 3D (without glasses)
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 14:07:25 GMT
Hola, Pablo.

El 20:59, Pablo Beltran escribió:


> That is mainly because many things happens BEFORE Subversion revisions
> are created.  For example, when a bug is detected there is not a
> revision to be related until the bug is fixed in Subversion.


I'm afraid I don't understand you.

When we release software, we can identify it with a version name, which 
we link to a specific subdirectory in the "version" directory of the 
repository, which is, in turn, related to a unique svn revision number.

All the bugs that our clients report (very few :-) are traced to a 
specific version, so there is a unique svn revision number related to 
that bug. Of course, the bug may have contaminated other versions until 
it was detected, but there IS at least a number although the bug is not 
fixed yet.

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