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From Michael Diers <>
Subject Re: SVN Subversion- object level checkout
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2011 13:57:21 GMT
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On 2011-01-12 09:57, wrote:
> We will use Tortoise SVN (Subversion) as version control system or SCM
> tool for our project. We are facing an issue for which we would like to
> get a solution.
> We are linking SVN to Powerbuilder 11.5. We are trying to checkout files
> at object level. Every .pbl file, have many files inside. But SVN is not
> able to checkout those individual files which are inside the pbl file.
> So is there a way by which SVN can checkout those files which are inside
> pbl.
> TortoiseSVN 1.6.7,  2010/01/22
> Subversion 1.6.9


you need to play by PowerBuilder's rules, I'm afraid. Trying to use
TortoiseSVN or any other "plain" Subversion client for checkin/checkout
will cause you grief.

You can still use TortoiseSVN for other tasks, like browsing logs,
tagging and branching.

The IDE supports the SCC API, and you need to use a plug-in for the IDE
that can drive Subversion via SCC. This will magically do the right
thing with objects in PBLs. Note that SCC encourages a serialized
workflow with reservation ("locking") of objects.

We evaluated PushOK's product a couple of years ago; at the time, it
proved a good fit for our customer's needs.

(Please upgrade to Subversion 1.6.15. Subversion 1.6.9 sports a number
of bugs that have been fixed since its release.)

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