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From fuzzy_4711 <>
Subject 301 with mod_dav / https
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2011 11:47:16 GMT
it has been frustrating for me trying to set up my public available web
server to serve a svn repository also. I do not understand at all, what
happens, please help.

I am able to navigate with FF to
and see the "powered by Subversion version 1.6.6 (r40053)"

When I try to svn import . -m
"initial structure" --username=valid
I am asked for my password and I get access. The response I get is:
"svn: Das Projektarchiv wurde permanent nach
"« verschoben; bitte umplatzieren"
which means something like "The project archive has been permanently
moved to .... please relocate". My apache log shows this:
x.x.x.x - valid [12/Jan/2011:12:32:52 +0100] "OPTIONS /svn/test
HTTP/1.1" 301 484 "-" "SVN/1.6.9 (r901367) neon/0.28.4".

I have read about the 301 error in the FAQ. I think the reason mentioned
there is not my problem. My box runs on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

This is my Virtual Host setup:

<VirtualHost x.x.x.x:443>
        DocumentRoot /var/www/

        SSLEngine on
        SSLCertificateFile    /etc/ssl/

        <Location />
                Order deny,allow
                Deny from all

        Alias /pm "/var/www/"
        <Directory "/var/www/">

                AllowOverride All

                <Files ~ "^\.pw">
                        Order allow,deny
                        Deny from all
                        Satisfy all
                Options -Indexes
                Order deny,allow
                Deny from all
                satisfy any
                AuthType digest
                AuthUserFile /var/www/
                AuthName "Project_X"
                require valid-user

        Alias /svn "/home/svn"
        <Directory /home/svn>
                AllowOverride all

        <Location /svn>
                DAV svn
                SVNParentPath /home/svn
                SVNListParentPath on
                AuthzSVNAccessFile /etc/apache2/dav_svn.authz
                Order deny,allow
                deny from all
                satisfy any
                AuthType Digest
                AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/pwdigest_svn
                AuthName "Project_X"
                Require valid-user

Any help apreciated.

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