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From Brian Brophy <>
Subject Re: "svnadmin load" a huge file
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 00:59:09 GMT
Fair enough, the same pattern is still applicable.  For example, in our 
CVS repo what separated one "project" from another was basically a 
root-level folder.

In kind, you could similarly use cvs2svn to "chunk/dump" subdirectories 
at a time.

For example, if in CVS you have something like:

... you run cvs2svn three times, once for each subdirectory, producing 
folder1.dump, folder2.dump, and folder3.dump respectively.

Then, svnadmin load each individually:
 - manually create the root folders: Folder1, Folder2, Folder3
 - svnadmin load --parent-dir Folder1 /path/to/svn/repo < folder1.dump
 - svnadmin load --parent-dir Folder2 /path/to/svn/repo < folder2.dump
 - svnadmin load --parent-dir Folder3 /path/to/svn/repo < folder3.dump

Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Brian Brophy wrote:
>> I migrated a large CVS repository (25-50 GB) to SVN years ago on SVN 
>> 1.3.  Our repo had many sections (projects) within it.  We had to 
>> migrate each project independently so that it's team could coordinate 
>> when they migrated to SVN.  As such, I dumped each project when ready 
>> and then svnadmin loaded each dump into it's own path/root (so as not to 
>> overwrite anything previously loaded and unrelated to this project's 
>> import).
>> So, you can do it by controlling which path/portion of CVS you use 
>> cvs2vn to create the dump file from.
> The CVS repository in question (with the size 54M with 17751 files) is
> exactly one project. It's the history of a geographical DNS zone for
> more than 10 years.

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