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From Stefan Landström <>
Subject Problem with double escaped URLs during deletion
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 13:24:07 GMT

I am having trouble with paths containing whitespace when deleting more
than one URL. It seems like the whitespace character in the path gets
escaped twice.


Have I misunderstood anything in the syntax?


Or is this possibly a bug? If so, can anyone think of a workaround, with
the requirements that the changes must be made in one commit and
preferably without checking out to a local working copy?


Tested with Windows XP and 1.6.15 (Collabnet Command-Line Client and




@REM Create test folder 
svn mkdir %REPO%/RemoteDeleteTest -m "Add RemoteDeleteTest" 

@REM Create folders works 
svn mkdir "%REPO%/RemoteDeleteTest/A 1" -m "Add A 1" 
svn mkdir "%REPO%/A 2" "file:///C:/SVN/testCalLib/RemoteDeleteTest/A 3"
-m "Add A 2+3" 

@REM Delete one works 
svn delete "%REPO%/RemoteDeleteTest/A 1" --message "Delete A 1" 

@REM Delete multiple does not work 
svn delete "%REPO%/RemoteDeleteTest/A 2" "%REPO%/RemoteDeleteTest/A 3"
-m "Delete A 2+3" 

@REM --> svn: URL '/RemoteDeleteTest/A%25202' does not exist




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