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From JamieEchlin <>
Subject Re: 答复: svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/!svn/bc/20890'
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 14:45:34 GMT

>>          I am using svn1.6.3. I put all source code and documents of our
>> team into one repo. It works great for two years until last month. Now
>> when
>> I run 'svn log' (where is our
>> server's address), svn returns 'svn: REPORT request failed on
>> '/svn/!svn/bc/20890' after returned some log information.

Things generally don't *just stop* working after two years, fortunately.
Something must have changed. 

> We are using JIRA's svn plugin which using svn log 

This is not entirely true. Have you upgraded jira? The jira-svn integration
uses svnkit (not native svn), if you've upgraded jira then the version of
svnkit would have been bumped, maybe it's incompatible now.

As well as what the others have suggested I'd try putting svnkit (same
version which jira uses) on the box, and run your log and other comments
with jsvn.bat. This was helpful to me in debugging issues with svn+ssh
connections between jira and svn.

(Although this doesn't explain why svn log is not working but it works from

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