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From Edward Ned Harvey <>
Subject RE: project vs. repository
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2011 03:37:19 GMT
> From: []
> On Behalf Of Alan Taylor
> My problem is that cfg should be a project within the repo
> and now I want to add another project, i.e.
> /srv/svn/cfg
> /srv/svn/pxe
> What is the best way to move things around ?

This was already said by David, but it was rather buried deep in there...
So just to make sure it didn't sneak past you...

Read the man pages for each of these, cuz I'm leaving out some details.  But
these are the main ingredients.
mkdir foo
svnadmin create foo
svnadmin dump /srv/svn/cfg | svnadmin load foo --parent-dir cfg
mv /srv/svn /srv/svn_old
mv foo /srv/svn

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