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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: Managing modifications to an open source product
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 19:38:41 GMT
> I develop for a site that uses Mediawiki (MW). We make some
> modifications to it before deployment. Generally, (using
> subversion) we check out a tagged version into a workspace,
> recursively delete the .svn directories, modify a small number of
> files, add some of our own extensions, and then commit the result
> into our own repository. We then work with the source from there.
> This approach means we have to track MW bug-fixes and add them to
> our modified version. I was wondering if there is a better way to
> accomplish the same objective. For example, we can use the
> svn:externals property to point to the MW repository version of the
> extensions we use, so each time they are updated, all we need to do
> is svn up on the externals directory.
> The main source is a different story. Since we modify some of the
> files (and have no commit privileges to the MW repository), the
> files we modify are not within our purview to change (and
> understandably the MW people wouldn't allow it even if we had
> commit privileges).
> Is there any way to use the svn:externals property to solve the
> main source issue? For example, could we point the revision we keep
> in our main repository to the correct revision in the MW repository
> and then tag the appropriate directories that contain the files we
> modify with svn:external. These latter svn:external properties
> would name the individual files we modify and point to the modified
> version that we could keep in our repository. My concern is we are
> "overloading" the files in the MW repository with files in our
> repository and I am not sure subversion allows that.

There is a whole section in the svn book about this...


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