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From Tech Geek <>
Subject Having a path name after specifying repository location
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 00:52:43 GMT

My repository path is /var/lib/svn for the SVN server. However I encountered
a unique situation as follow:

The following works:
#svnadmin create  /var/lib/svn/projectA

>From a svn client:
#svn co http://svnserver/svn/projectA projectA

However the following does NOT work:
#mkdir /var/lib/svn/projectB/
#sudo svnadmin create  /var/lib/svn/projectB/partA
 #sudo svnadmin create  /var/lib/svn/projectB/partB

>From a svn client:
#svn co http://svnserver/svn/projectB/partA partB

Is it true that all the directories directly under /var/lib/svn/ should be
an *actual* repository? Can't we have some pathname like "ProjectB" under
/var/lib/svn/ and then have repositories (like PartA and PartB) under it
without changing the root path of the repository which is /var/lib/svn?

How do you overcome this situation? I want PartA and PartB to be separate
SVN repository but I do not want to place them under /var/lib/svn/ directory
because they beloing to ProjectB and in future other projects like ProjectD
could have PartA and PartB in the same manner.


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