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From Mathieu Malaterre <>
Subject svndump filter: How to pretend files were added to trunk
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 13:24:23 GMT
Hi there !

  I am trying to cleanup my SVN history. Back in the beginning of the
project I started using SVN without the standard layout (trunk,
branches, tags parent dir). Now using svndumpfilter, I would like to
pretend that initial history [r1-1097] did happen within the trunk
directory. For that I use svnadmin dump and then play with node-path
using sed:

cat initial.dump | sed -e 's,^Node-path: Applications,Node-path:
trunk/Applications,' -e 's,^Node-copyfrom-path:
Applications,Node-copyfrom-path: trunk/Applications,' > clean.dump

  Since trunk directory did not exist I tried doing:

svnadmin create clean
svn mkdir  -m"Initial project roots" file://`pwd`/clean/trunk
svnadmin load --quiet --ignore-uuid  clean < clean.dump

  However it fails with:

svnadmin: File not found: transaction '835-n7', path 'trunk/Applications'

Now if do:

svnadmin create clean
svn mkdir  -m"Initial project roots" file://`pwd`/clean/trunk
svn mkdir -m"Initial project roots" file://`pwd`/clean/trunk/Applications
svnadmin load --quiet --ignore-uuid  clean < clean.dump

It fails with:

svnadmin: File already exists: filesystem 'clean/db', transaction
'184-55', path 'trunk/Applications'

Am I missing something ? Is there a tool to re-root a bunch of
files/directories that were not initially created within a 'trunk' dir

Thanks !

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