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From Siva Kumar <>
Subject Re: some confusion about subversion
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2010 06:26:09 GMT
> I am just new to subversion and encountered some confusion.
> I have set up a svn server on my ubuntu/linux.
> After creating an account called "test" under /var/svn(using svnadmin create
> /var/svn/test), I checked out the repository under "/home" directory.
> And all these went smoothly until when I tried to add some new files to the
> repository....
> When I added some files using "svn add filename" and checked the files in
> the repository(/var/svn/test), I didn't find any filename that matched the
> files I have just added.
> So I wonder where my uploaded file goes.


Svn add is local operation in your working copy. you have to
do 'svn ci' to update the repo with your changes.

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