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From Ray Rashif <>
Subject [svn-policy] Anonymous read in toplevel but deny read deeper
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 11:25:32 GMT
Hi all

I have something like the following:

admin = joe
contrib = susan, mark
devs = andy, jane

* = r

@admin = rw

@contrib = rw
@devs = rw

* =
@contrib =
@devs = rw

Unfortunately, authentication does not work, and anyone can read
'/trunk/dev' and I guess that is due to '* = r' in toplevel.
Strangely, it works for groups, the only change being:

@contrib = r

And nothing for '*' anywhere, that would prevent anyone in the group
'contrib' to pull '/trunk/dev' in a full checkout. But this then locks
out anonymous read-only full checkouts (I can have '* = r' for each
dir except 'dev'), which I do not want.

Thanks beforehand!


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