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From Reddy1413 <>
Subject Need help on Subversion dump/load feature....Thanks
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 16:19:42 GMT

As part of the experiment with svn dump/load ,I am using svnadmin dump and
load utilities on the same box.

The dump and load provide some very nice features for making the migration
of large-ish repositories a manageable task. My thanks to those responsible.
However, am having trouble with an aspect of the load on the target
migration system.

Background: Am a relative newbie but have read the svn book particularly
Repository Maintenance/Migrating Data Elsewhere (more than once, to be
honest  ; done a subversion software upgrade and a bit of other hands-on.

To keep the dump file size "under control" am using both the -r switch to
dump a range of revisions, and the --deltas switch for "compressed, binary
differences" as the book says. For example,

svnadmin dump /repos_path -r0:50 --deltas > repos_r0-50.dmp
svnadmin dump /repos_path -r51:HEAD --deltas > repos_r51-HEAD.dmp
et cetera...

I moved the *dmp files where I want to load.

Now, the moment of truth:

The load appears to work fine for the rev 0-50 dump file. "Appears" because
only svnlook history /repos-path has been used on the target system as a
quick check to see that the intended revisions are listed.

However, for the next dump file and contiguous set of revisions:

svnadmin create target_repos_path
svnadmin load /target_repos_path < repos_r0-50.dmp  #worked fine no problem.
svnadmin load /target_repos_path < repos_r51-HEAD.dmp  #bouncer, Thrown
error as below

the above command returns nearly immediately and the following is output to

<<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 51
svnadmin: File already exists: filesystem 'loadtest/db', transaction
'50-1e', path 'proj16'
     * adding path : proj16 ...

The /target_repos_path is named the same as the source /repos_path (fyi)

The svn book says --deltas is useful and a dump using -r followed by
svnadmin load in order from bottom up is supposed to work fine.

So there must be something else about the dump switches or about the load
that I do not understand or missed in the svn book.

Thanks very much in advance for any illumination on the subject.

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