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From "Paul Maier" <>
Subject Bug report against SVN 1.6.13
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 23:55:30 GMT
[Sorry, in my previous posting I forgot to mention the svn lock command. 
Here the corrected version of my posting.]

Hi Daniel,

I just ran into something, that might already be fixed with your r1023571,
but I think it is worth testing:

# 1. setup "file a" as in previous postings:
echo a > a 
svn add a 
svn propset svn:needs-lock "*" a 
svn ci -m "" 

# 2. local modification to file a:
svn lock a
echo blah >> a

# 3. rename file a:
svn mv a b

# 4. want to continue to edit the file (has now name b):
-> not possible, because on the "svn mv" the file turned read-only

May I ask you to check if this is already covered by your r1023571?

Thanks & Greetings

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