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Subject 350GB SVN repo creates around 1MB revision for simplest task
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 22:45:02 GMT

This all started when I noticed that my repository size is increasing at a daily rate of 1GB.
I did a simple test. Created a branch/tag of an existing folder that had a size of 35KB. I
took note of revision number and went to $REPO/db/revs/<K-rev>/rev-number/ and checked
the size of the revision. It was 1 mega byte. That sounds fishy. Any ideas on what might be
wrong here. My repo is about 350GB in size with about 600,000 revisions.

P.S. I have already started a rebuild of the whole repository to see if that makes any difference
but it will probably take days to complete.

Question: Is there anything in svn that when it reaches a certain size every commit will be
that large?
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