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From Bernd May <>
Subject Re: SSL Error when trying to connect to svn via https
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 20:37:06 GMT
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>> The access via the dav_svn module in a web browser from the 
>> failing client works like a charm. There are no error 
>> messages, the SSL handshake works fine. the content of the 
>> repository is shown in the browser. This also works from all 
>> our regular workstations.
>> So this Problem seems to be subversion specific.
>> ...
> That may or may not be true.  If the browser you used has it's own SSL
> handling code (happens more than you might expect) then you haven't
> tested the openSSL client libraries yet.  To make absolutely sure that
> you are testing the OpenSSL library on your machine, use the command
> line tool:
> Use any and all options to give you a good understanding of what might
> be going wrong.  For example:
> -debug
> -showcerts

Ok thanks, did not think about that.
I have tried the commands you suggested and tested the SSL connection.
As far as I can see the connection is setup correctly, all certificates
are in order, not expired, valid, etc, There are no errors, warning
whatsoever so the interaction between client and apache via https seems
to be ok.
When using the svn software though it throws the error mentioned in the
first post.
I have tested it also with a similar setup on a different machine with a
different certificate but the same software versions and it works.

So I guess the problem is this specific client certificate though I
still do not know what specifically.


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