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From David Blaisonneau <>
Subject Apache2 and SVN: How to restrict visibility of some files
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 12:43:36 GMT

  Hello everyone,

I am using Apache2 and subversion to host developments projects
I would like to:
1/ share all projects for all registered users
2/ restrict the writing rights to projects members
3/ deny the access to sensibles files (eg: trunk/web/passwords.php) for 
everyone except project members.

For 1/ and 2/ I am using auth_dbd and Limit/LimitExcept rules and it 
works fine.

But for 3/ I have some problems.
I am actually trying to use AuthzSVNAccessFile rule but it is a little 
heavy to configure for many projects:
Each time a project create a tag or a branch, I need to add a rule; and 
when a branch is delete I need to keep this rule to avoid the reading in 
previous revisions...

Is it possible to use wildcards in SVNAccessFile ? For example:


Is there a better way to do this restriction ? without 
AuthzSVNAccessFile ? with specific apache rules ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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