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From Andrew N Marshall <>
Subject Unify Multiple Repositories, then switch?
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 21:20:13 GMT

I'm trying to merge multiple Subversion repositories into a single 
repository without too much hassle on my users.

I did roughly the following:

>  svnadmin dump old_repo>  old_repo.dump
>  svnadmin load combined_repo --parent-dir old_repo_path<  old_repo.dir
>  cd old_working_dir
>  svn switch http://server/combined_repo_root/old_repo_path
svn: Repository UUID '47910ef9-e52f-470c-a5c0-0a25e3386063' doesn't match expected UUID '4b1b6bb6-f4d7-4649-9891-0302873c425d'

I also tried...

>  svn switch --relocate http://server/old_repo_root http://server/combined_repo_root/old_repo_path
svn: The repository at 'http://server/combined_repo_root/old_repo_path
' has uuid '47910ef9-e52f-470c-a5c0-0a25e3386063', but the WC has '4b1b6bb6-f4d7-4649-9891-0302873c425d'

So switch doesn't work the way I expected, and obviously I can't make 
multiple old repos share the same repository id. What are my 
alternatives to perform the switch?

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