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From "Shaun Pinney" <>
Subject Users cannot reliably view SVN log messages remotely
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 04:11:19 GMT
Hi all,

I've got a distant user who cannot reliably view the SVN log messages
Using TortoiseSVN.  If he 'refreshes', he can view the SVN log messages
fine.  Also, checkouts work fine.  Other users at his (distant) site
seem to have the same issue, but I can't reproduce the issue here and
haven't heard of similar issues from other sites.  We're using Apache,
and I did notice that the Apache logs occasionally shows the below errors
and wonder if there is a known explanation or solution:

Provider encountered an error while streaming a REPORT response.  [500, #0]
A failure occurred while driving the update report editor  [500, #103]
Error writing base64 data: Software caused connection abort  [500, #103]

I've checked the Subversion FAQ, and think the fix there does not apply
since my users are on Windows.  Does anyone know how to resolve these
errors?  I'm suspecting a network issue, so my next thing to try is to
increase the Apache timeout in httpd.conf.  My hunch is that this won't
solve the issue, so if anyone has additional ideas to try I'd really
appreciate it.


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