BTW, I am not implying that Saiho has emailed me personally asking more questions, just that it was a posibility when I wrote the original reply

On 12 April 2010 14:38, Stephen Connolly <> wrote:
Well fine then. what I meant to say is:

"You have exhausted the amount of help you will get from me on this topic, so don't send me personal emails asking for more help because you will not get it"

On too many occasions I reply to a post only to have the original questioner decide that I must therefore be the "expert" on the topic that I replied to... actually that is not the case, I gave you all the pointers I have at the moment, and emailing _just me_ with more questions will only delay you getting the answer, especially when Google searches can give better answers than me



On 12 April 2010 11:58, Justin Connell <> wrote:
Google is your friend for finding things

There is no need for facetiousness..

Stephen Connolly wrote:
On 12 April 2010 03:48, Saiho Yuen <> wrote:

I wish to build a custom GUI for SVN with Java. And I wish to learn from the start, so I would like to learn how to build the SVN project form the source codes. So can someone please tell me where can I get the documentation? I'm working on Vista, should I use the MS Visual Studio or another compiler or do I need other softwares?

thanks you very much


If you are writing the GUI in Java you might be better off using the SVNKit libraries as that way you will not have to deal with JNI.

Google is your friend for finding things