Regularly we’re having issues with working copies that don’t get all updated files/folders from the repository.


Most of the time everything works fine.


But sometimes when user A commits some new/changed files to the repository, other users (say user B), do not get these changes when updating their working copy.

Other changes are pulled in from the repository and applied to the working copy, but specific files/folders aren’t.

The repository itself does show the up-to-date content, and also a fresh checkout contains the up-to-date data.


So there seems to be a problem with the working copy in this case. The problem occurs when using the commandline client, subclipse and tortoisesvn.


Both the server and the working copy are on windows, the server runs behind apache.


Does anyone recognize this issue? We’re having this for a couple of years now.


I do have a working copy here that has this problem, as well as the corresponding repository. However, I can’t post them here or anywhere because there’s IP in it.


If I can’t find any solution help here, I am looking for case based subversion support. I’d be happy to pay a onetime amount to get this problem out of the way.




Valentijn Scholten