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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Returning problem: Some folders/files in working don't get updated anymore.
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 14:18:51 GMT
On Apr 2, 2010, at 04:47, Valentijn Scholten wrote:

> Regularly we’re having issues with working copies that don’t get all updated files/folders
from the repository.
> Most of the time everything works fine.
> But sometimes when user A commits some new/changed files to the repository, other users
(say user B), do not get these changes when updating their working copy.
> Other changes are pulled in from the repository and applied to the working copy, but
specific files/folders aren’t.
> The repository itself does show the up-to-date content, and also a fresh checkout contains
the up-to-date data.
> So there seems to be a problem with the working copy in this case. The problem occurs
when using the commandline client, subclipse and tortoisesvn.
> Both the server and the working copy are on windows, the server runs behind apache.
> Does anyone recognize this issue? We’re having this for a couple of years now.

I believe someone else posted on this list about this problem not too long ago.

> I do have a working copy here that has this problem, as well as the corresponding repository.
However, I can’t post them here or anywhere because there’s IP in it.
> If I can’t find any solution help here, I am looking for case based subversion support.
I’d be happy to pay a onetime amount to get this problem out of the way.

Since you already found that a fresh working copy works fine, that is the solution I would
suggest you employ, since that could very well be what paid support would tell you to do as
well. Working copies can sometimes get messed up, and sometimes getting a new working copy
isn't such a bad idea.

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