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From Bob Archer <>
Subject regarding the Subversion Vision and Roadmap Proposal
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 19:51:52 GMT
I just read this and had a few questions. I'm not sure if this list or the dev list is more

I think this was somewhat addressed in the posting but my question is...

How complex is the svn code. I have been doing this a long time. I understand well object
oriented coding. Is my understanding that svn is written in C++ correct? Or is it C? I have
never worked on low level stuff like file systems or device drivers or graphic systems. All
my experience is with data driven line-of-business apps. Would I struggle with the svn code
base? (Yes I know that is hard to answer).

I would like to get more involved in the dev side of an open source project. My two consideration
would be NAnt or svn. With NAnt I have the advantage that it is written in C#, the language
and environment I work in daily. But, svn is a great project and I would like to be able to

Now a more specific question about the FS-NG and svn 2.0. Is the plan to move to a database
back end such as SQLite as is happening with WC-NG? It seems that this would be easier to
extend than something file system based with text based metadata files, etc. Also, it could
allow for, if supporting MySQL for example, a more distributed server side component with
multiple servers in different locations all accessing the SQL backend. Has consideration been
given to and object base db like MongoDB which would facilitate new features without major
data conversion steps being needed?

I assume of the above two topics the second is already being discussed somewhere?


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