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From "Erik Hemdal" <>
Subject RE: current 1.6 for Fedora 10 - how to get / install?
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 21:32:28 GMT

> How / Where is v1.6 for Fedora 10 and how to install?
> Or, what is the most current version for Fedora 10 other than 
> 1.654 that comes with it?

F10 is no longer supported by the Fedora Project, so I doubt you'll find a
new package from the project maintainers.

You can try these alternatives:

-- Upgrade to a supported release, like Fedora 12 and look to see if there
is a package for the current release. 
-- Try installing a different SVN RPM package provided by one of the
Subversion might work on your F10 system.  Look on the
"Subversion Binary Packages" page of the SVN project site
-- Build the current version of SVN from source yourself.

Good luck!  Erik

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