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From "Hanback, Phillip" <>
Subject strange svn problems
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 17:28:47 GMT
I have a strange issue with SVN from remote sites. We recently changed
the way network traffic is routed into and out of our site. Basically we
have added a cisco router on both ends connected by an mpls circuit.
Since this change has been made, I can no longer access my subversion
repositories. The repos are served via Apache web server port 443. I can
connect to the server using a windows machine and web browser, so I know
it's not a traditional routing issue. IF I try an svn info from a Linux
bash shell, it just hangs. I've tried this from several Linux machines.
If you try and access it from a Linux web browser like firefox, it also
hangs. These Linux machines are on the same physical network as the
windows machines. When I finally decide to cancel the connection, I get
this error : 


"svn: PROPFIND request failed on 'destination'

 svn: PROPFIND of 'destination' : SSL negotiation failed: Interrupted
system call (destination server)"


I believe it's not ever finishing the SSL negotiation. Strange that I
can login via a windows web browser. Anyone have similar issues, or can
point me in a direction?







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