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From "Sandro Frenzel" <>
Subject hook-script with java programm
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 09:55:09 GMT
Hello all,

I run a java programm within a SVN post-commit script and it works fine.

When something goes wrong a exception is thrown and the programm stops
without any information given to the user. Is it possible to 'pipe' the
error message over the post-commit script to the user?

In a perl script I can do something like this: '[...] die "Denied: Filename
cannot be renamed on $path! $!"; [...]'. This error message is returned to
the SubVersion process and displayed in a SubVersion client.

How can I do this in Java? Maybe I have to post this thread in a Java forum,
too. However, I hope someone can help me here :-)!

Best Regards,

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