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From Giulio Troccoli <>
Subject RE: LDAP Group Configuration in AuthzSVNAccessFile
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 07:42:06 GMT
> > > I have been set the task of setting up SVN and connecting
> > > Authentication and Authorization to our MS Active
> Directory system.
> > > The SVN is now running on a Debian Linux server.  I have
> > > successfully set up Authenticated to authenticate users who have
> > > access to the SVN system based on a Security Group in our AD.
> > >
> > > The next task is where I am encountering the difficulty is in
> > > Authorizing individual users to read and write to the individual
> > > repositories.  From what I have seen I need I to do this
> I need a AuthzSVNAccessFile file.
> > > However I have not been able to find any documentation on how to
> > > accomplish this using AD groups.  Below is a simple example.
> >
> > Last time I checked, you can't do authorization via LDAP/AD.  Just
> > authentication.  Hence the lack of documentation on the subject.
> Various wrapper scripts exist which generate an authz rules
> file from data pulled from LDAP/AD directories. I agree that
> it would be nice to have built-in support for this in
> mod_authz_svn though.

Few months ago I was experimenting with this and I found out that it can easily work.

My Apache configuration for the repository contained "AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off" and "AuthLDAPRemoteUserAttribute
name". I'm not sure you need AuthzLDAPAuthoritative but it's AuthLDAPRemoteUserAttribute that
allowed me to write the access file like this

developers = Giulio Troccoli, Harpal Panesar

* = r
svnsync = r

@developers = rw

I'm pretty sure it worked but, as I said, it was few months ago so maybe I just saved this
configuration for further investigation rather than for immediate use.


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