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From Stanimir Stamenkov <>
Subject Re: How to determine the source of a copy
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 12:29:12 GMT
Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:18:14 -0430, /Brian Mearns/:

> Various client tools seem to know what path and revision a copy was 
> created from (e.g., Tortoise's revision graph). Can the svn command 
> line tool get me this information? Is there anyway I can get this from 
> a hook script?

Not sure if this would be sufficient for you 

> With --verbose, svn log  will also print all affected paths with each 
> log message. With --quiet, svn log  will not print the log message 
> body itself (this is compatible with --verbose).
> (...)
> The --verbose option causes svn log to include information about the 
> paths that were changed in each displayed revision. These paths 
> appear, one path per line of output, with action codes that indicate 
> what type of change was made to the path.
> (...)
> In addition to the action codes which precede the changed paths, svn 
> log with the --verbose option will note whether a path was added or 
> replaced as the result of a copy operation. It does so by printing 
> (from COPY-FROM-PATH:COPY-FROM-REV)  after such paths.

Using the --xml option one could process the result through an XSLT, for 
example, and not parse the text log manually, also.


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