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From David Bartmess <>
Subject Re: Can I not use svnadmin load with a remote repository?
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 20:06:28 GMT
On 4/1/2010 12:26 PM, Jon Foster wrote:
> Andy Levy wrote:
>> David Bartmess<>  wrote:
>>> My company has done a preliminary spec for moving from CVS to
>>> Subversion, using the python script cvs2svn. The cvs2svn script
>>> works fine, but when I try to do an svnadmin load of the dump
>>> file created, using the Assembla https URL, it complains that
>>> it can't find a "format" file.
>>> After quite a bit of web searching, I think I see the problem.
>>> The path for the destination of where to load the dumpfile
>>> contents seems to have to be a file path, not a URL. Is this
>>> right? Or am I missing something?
>> svnadmin requires local filesystem access for everything it does.
> Yep.  Your SVN host (Assembla) might be able to take your dump file
> and load it for you - try asking them or filing a support request.
> If they won't do that, then you can work around this by:
> 1) Create a new empty repository on your hard disk.
> 2) Use svnadmin load to load the dump file into your local repository.
>     (Note: cvs2svn has the option to create a new repository for you,
>     which would let you skip steps 1 and 2).
> 3) Use "svnsync" to sync from your local repository to the real one.
>     Note that the target repository has to be completely empty to do
>     this.
> 4) Delete your temporary local repository.
> Kind regards,
> Jon
That sounds like a plan. Even though we have quite a few projects to be 
imported, and we're doing them one by one, I can remove the repository 
and create a clean one, then svnsync to it from the repository on my 
local machine.

I'll check it out and try it. Thanks!

"Dingo" Dave Bartmess
Broomfield, CO. USA

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