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From David Bartmess <>
Subject Can I not use svnadmin load with a remote repository?
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 15:45:55 GMT
My company has done a preliminary spec for moving from CVS to 
Subversion, using the python script cvs2svn. The cvs2svn script works 
fine, but when I try to do an svnadmin load of the dump file created, 
using the Assembla https URL, it complains that it can't find a "format" 

After quite a bit of web searching, I think I see the problem. The path 
for the destination of where to load the dumpfile contents seems to have 
to be a file path, not a URL. Is this right? Or am I missing something?


"Dingo" Dave Bartmess
Broomfield, CO. USA

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