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From Christoph Bartoschek <>
Subject Filtering to remove externals
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 07:38:25 GMT

we are using the following layout for several years now:

1. We have one repository  repo.
2. There are several projects in the repository:


Each project has the standard layout trunk/tags/branches.

3. Then there is a product build from the projects (repo/Product) that 
includes the projects with svn:externals pointing to trunk of each project.

The users checkout the product and work in this directory.

We would like to change the situation because 
a) often a single commit should touch more than one project.
b) when we check out an earlier version one makes easily mistakes because the 
externals point to trunk.
c) setting up branches of the project is a pain.

The change we plan results in a single project that consists of the product 
with only a single branches/tags/trunk layout.

To unify the workflow with older releases I would like to rewrite the current 
history such that the result looks like we have used the new layout from the 

How can this be achieved?


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