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From Valentijn Scholten <>
Subject RE: Returning problem: Some folders/files in working don't get updated anymore.
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:23:40 GMT
>Van: Mark Phippard [] 
>Verzonden: vrijdag 2 april 2010 16:57
>Aan: Johan Corveleyn
>On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Johan Corveleyn <>> wrote:
>> You should check if you don't have a "sparse working copy" by accident
>> (see
>> To see whether this is the case, check "svn info" for some of the
>> parent dirs, and see if they have a "Depth: empty" or "Depth:
>> immediates" on them or something like that (if there is no depth shown
>> in "svn info", it's the default which is "infinity", which is usually
>> what you want).
>> In IntelliJ IDEA there's a bug that, if you create a new package, and
>> you answer "yes" in the dialog which asks you if you want to add it to
>> version control immediately, it's added with depth empty (so as a
>> workaround, you should answer no, and add it afterwards). See
>> But since you talk about subclipse, I assume you're using Eclipse, so
>> that's probably not it ...

>That is not an IntelliJ bug, it is a Subversion bug and was fixed in
>SVN 1.6.2.  Many GUI clients, including Subclipse and TortoiseSVN were
>impacted by it.  You can fix your working copy by checking out again
>or getting a SVN 1.6.2+ client and running the command:
>$ svn update --set-depth=infinity
>>From the root of the working copy.  Subclipse allows you to do this
>via GUI with the Update to Revision ... option.

This helps indeed. Are you saying the mystery occurence of the "Depth: empty" is a bug of
pre 1.6.2 based client versions?

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