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From Valentijn Scholten <>
Subject RE: Returning problem: Some folders/files in working don't get updated anymore.
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:08:30 GMT
>>On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 11:47 AM, Valentijn Scholten
>><>> wrote:
>> Regularly we're having issues with working copies that don't get all updated
>> files/folders from the repository.
>> Most of the time everything works fine.
>> But sometimes when user A commits some new/changed files to the repository,
>> other users (say user B), do not get these changes when updating their
>> working copy.
>> Other changes are pulled in from the repository and applied to the working
>> copy, but specific files/folders aren't.
>> The repository itself does show the up-to-date content, and also a fresh
>> checkout contains the up-to-date data.
>> So there seems to be a problem with the working copy in this case. The
>> problem occurs when using the commandline client, subclipse and tortoisesvn.
>> Both the server and the working copy are on windows, the server runs behind
>> apache.

>You should check if you don't have a "sparse working copy" by accident
>To see whether this is the case, check "svn info" for some of the
>parent dirs, and see if they have a "Depth: empty" or "Depth:
>immediates" on them or something like that (if there is no depth shown
>in "svn info", it's the default which is "infinity", which is usually
>what you want).
Actually, this is the case! Thanks. I have no idea why the depth is set to empty. 
Most people here don't know about working copy depth, so it must have been set by accident.

I don't think there's a way to reverse engineer what action did set this property?

>In IntelliJ IDEA there's a bug that, if you create a new package, and
>you answer "yes" in the dialog which asks you if you want to add it to
>version control immediately, it's added with depth empty (so as a
>workaround, you should answer no, and add it afterwards). See

>But since you talk about subclipse, I assume you're using Eclipse, so
>that's probably not it ...
Actually, it also happens for users who only use TortoiseSVN.

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