I can still build the installer, but I have never built binaries.  The installer code in the repository is NOT the latest code.  I had lost commit access for a time during the transition and by the time I got that access back there are no more binaries, so it has been pointless to continue development.  If someone could produce binaries I could get the installer back on track, otherwise it’s not worth spending any time on if the project will not support (as in supply) windows binaries.


I was advised to discuss this on the dev list, which is what I did, however there has been zero response.  There is more discussion on the user end than the developer end.  If anyone in user-land has the capability to construct the binaries in a similar fashion to the way they were produced before, I for one would bring this to the attention of the developer list if nobody else does.  It is my opinion that the project should have a ‘supported’ release to assist with bug finding and to provide end-users with a standard base-level release.





Troy Simpson



From: Olivier Sannier [mailto:obones@free.fr]
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Subject: Re: Tigris binary packages for Windows


sNop wrote:

Dne 1. 3. 2010 15:09, Olivier Sannier napsal(a):
Bojan Resnik wrote:
We have a custom server setup and we have been using Tigris.org
binaries for Windows. The latest version there, however, is 1.6.6.
Will there be Tigris.org binary packages for Windows for Subversion
1.6.9 and later? Or perhaps an equivalent of these packages, with
full server, client and bindings but without installers?
I would be interested in those as well, please.
the same here, I'm lacking this builds too

I would not mind building them, but I have a hard time finding any instructions to build the binaries for win32.
There are instructions for building the installation package, but without the binaries and the compiled help, it's not of any use yet.