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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: URL does not exist
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 13:18:17 GMT
On Mar 1, 2010, at 07:10, John McMorris wrote:

> I created a directory in SVN with a 'space in it'.

In a working copy, presumably.

> After deleting the directory,

How did you delete the directory?

> it still shows:  "Directory%20Name"....

Where does it show this? What command did you type and what was the complete output produced?

> however, if I try to delete it so it does not show, I get this error:
> Error while performing action: URL 'Directory Name' does not exist

How did you try to delete it? What command produced that error message?

> How can I clean this directory up it still shows from command line on subversion server
itself when i do a svn list?

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